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    Kadmos - ActiveX Components - ActiveX Controls Download

ActiveX Controls Download

The ActiveX Controls are the latest most up-to-date releases. They are not crippled in any way and the only difference with registered versions is that a banner will be displayed whenever you use it, reminding you that the product has not yet been purchased. Feel free to try out the products for as long as you like. To obtain a registered version of a product, go to the Purchase Page.

All licensed customers receive unlimited technical support, free upgrades within the major version, and discounts on upgrades.

DXFReader ActiveX Control DXFReader ActiveX Control Add to cart
DXFReader User Manual DXFReader ActiveX Control User Manual
dxfreader2manual.zip 2323 KB
DXFReader HtmlHelp DXFReader ActiveX Control Help
dxfreader2htmlhelp.zip 994 KB

IXF ActiveX Control IXF ActiveX Control Add to cart
IXF User Manual IXF ActiveX Control User Manual
IXFmanual.zip 385 KB
IXF HtmlHelp IXF ActiveX Control Help
IXFhtmlhelp.zip 195 KB

Postel ActiveX Control Postel ActiveX Control Add to cart
Postel User Manual Postel ActiveX Control User Manual
Postelmanual.zip 334 KB
Postel HtmlHelp Postel ActiveX Control Help
Postelhtmlhelp.zip 239 KB

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