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    Kadmos Customers

Kadmos Customers

Some of our customers are listed below. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

J&R Software, Inc

United States

dieCalc™ is the foundation product in a line of estimating and sales management tools designed specifically for the cutting die and corrugated box manufacturing industries. dieCalc™ includes the ability to automatically and accurately calculate a cutting die estimate, based upon predefined customer and machine standards. In addition, it enables a user to print and email a quote to a customer or vendor.

dieCalc™ has been designed from the ground up by industry professionals with years of demonstrative experience in the cutting die and corrugated box manufacturing industries. It is tailored for the specific needs of cutting die vendors and corrugated box converters that desire and demand quality estimating information to increase their competitive edge in the rapidly evolving packaging industry. dieCalc™ is an invaluable tool in discovering the hidden costs that are often overlooked by sales professionals and customer service personnel when preparing quotations for customers. dieCalc™ is the foundation product in a line of products that provide a robust set of features segmented for varying customer requirements.

Screen shot from dieCalc™ (above) shows information cell for a proposed die design.

Chesapeake Technology, Inc.

Mountain View, CA
United States

"We have been primarily using DXFReader ActiveX Control to take apart DXF files for our internal use. What we would like to do is to use the control to overlay engineering (usually construction) drawings over our georeferenced sonar imagery."

"Chesapeake Technology produces sonar data acquisition and mapping tools. Our sonar mapping product SonarWeb allows users to digitize features on the seafloor and to save the digitized elements as DXF files. We have currently implemented a rudimentary DXF parser and code to draw the digitized elements over our sonar image but it is lacking support for all of the various entity types that a DXF file may contain. We are hoping to use the Kadmos control to overlay georeferenced DXF files on top of our DXF sonar imagery."

Click to enlarge Chesapeake Technology kindly provided Kadmos with a demo illustrating how to create and load a georeferenced image file into DXFReader ActiveX Control using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
This app demonstrates handling events fired by DXFReader during loading, regenerating and mouse movement and how to efficiently regen the control when the window size changes. The Save function creates a bitmap the size of either the picture or the DXF file (@1 m/pix) by temporarily and invisibly resizing the window to the picture or DFX limits before calling the SaveBmp() method. Also added a simple entity list feature based on the Area VC++ sample.

Click here to download the PictureDemo code.


Technical Network Support International Ltd.

United Kingdom

TNSI used DXFReader ActiveX Control as part of a geographical mapping sub-system using Ordnance Survey (UK) maps in DXF format to plot the locations of objects on telecommunications networks through the UK.

This mapping system is a small part of a system called ARGUS which plans, manages and monitors the maintenance of telecommunications networks over very large geographical areas. The system uses an ORACLE server database with VB5 clients (office and field based on laptop computers). The application uses the control to display maps showing the locations of key points on the networks to enable staff to locate the sites quickly and reliably.

Event Software

United States

Event Software is a provider of software to large meeting or event facilities, such as, including Arenas, Convention Centers, Coliseums, Performing Arts Centers, Universities, Museums, Businesses, etc. Their products help to schedule events and support services while also improving the management of work and resources within their organizations.
Event Software used DXFReader ActiveX Control for a large Convention Center / Arena Client, which currently uses AutoDesk's AutoCad LT 97, to:

  • Customize some of reports so as to incorporate a specific room drawing within the body of a report immediately following the equipment requirements for a designated room reserved for an event.
  • Multiple rooms and the associated room equipment requirements specifications will appear on a given report.
  • For each room will have a specific Path and Filename for the associated AutoCad LT drawing.
  • The application is able to Print Preview the report with the AutoCAD LT room drawings (usually multiple, visible and correctly placed within the report) in Print Preview mode. Appropriately, the application does not let the Event Coordinators to modify the drawings while in Print Preview mode.
  • Print each report using DXFReader in the background at run time.

AEC Illuminazione


AEC developed a custom application using DXFReader ActiveX Control to deploy a CD-ROM, distributed to their clients, containing an interactive catalogue of lanterns and candelabra for outdoor lighting systems (see picture below).


United States

ChainLogic main product is a Warehouse Labor Management System known as W.I.N. (Warehouse Initiative Network System). An important part of this product is it's ability to calculate time to travel from one point to another within a warehouse based on "X" and "Y" coordinates. They needed to develop a separate application to verify that the travel paths being calculated were optimum. Using DXFReader ActiveX Control, they now have a means to "visually" audit a travel path and save it for later use.

S.I. Engineering


S.I. Engineering is an Italian Software House specialized in software for computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. They used DXFReader ActiveX Control in some of their software applications to add DXF file import/export functionality.

Full picture

SiGeoW is an application of the SiCam software for CNC Laser cutting machines that, amomg its features, can import DXF files, display and export them in different formats.

SiBend is a new software for CNC metal bending machines. This software, with simulator, uses DXFReader ActiveX Control to import directly parts and tools drawings in DXF format and drive the bending machine.

Full picture


Atlantic Simulation & Training Technologies Ltd.


ASTech's Basic Operations Training Aid (BOTA) is a web based simulation package designed to test the knowledge of electrical technicians on basic electrical switching procedures. It allows the user to create switching plans with the aid of intelligent prompting and will then compare the developed plan to a sample solution. The system will also log student performance and actions to a database for further reference and analysis. A variety of statistical functions are available to aid in the evaluation of individuals and groups of students. The software also offers a tool for navigating network diagrams with a number of features designed to help the user become as familiar as possible with the test environment. Because it is delivered over the web, the BOTA can be accessed remotely on any standard PC running IE 5 & Windows 95 or higher.

DXFReader ActiveX Control was employed by two main sections of the BOTA. The first incorporated the control in a web page designed to allow the user to become familiar with the test environment. The network diagram browser will highlight locations and devices as they are selected from the drop down lists.

Click to enlarge

DXFReader ActiveX Control was also used to display a portion of the network diagram relevant to the selected procedure on the development screen. Locations rae highlighted as they are selected from the locations drop down list. This zoomed view of the network diagram also changes graphically in response to user actions.

Click to enlarge

The series of diagrams below show the steps of a procedure being reflected graphically as the user develops a switching plan.

Click to enlarge
1: Initial State.
Click to enlarge
2: Open & Remove S&C Fuse.
Click to enlarge
3: Apply Hold Off Notice.
Click to enlarge
4: Apply Earths.

Haestad Methods

United States

DXFReader ActiveX Control is used in converting an r12 DXF file into r14 format for support in AutoCAD r14 and AutoCAD r2000.


Gesellschaft für Software Entwicklung mbH


DXFReader ActiveX Control is successfully used in a project called "MailPlot solution", designed to automatically plot CAD files attached to an e-mail. The CAD files may be attached in ZIP- or self extracting binary files and may be of file type Microstation Designer DGN, AutoCAD DWG, DXF or TIFF. The Control is used to finally plot the separated DXF CAD files. Among diverse other solutions they decided for the DXFReader ActiveX Control as the best solution for the job.


United States

They have utilized DXFReader ActiveX Control to write a program that converts DXF files into industry standard G-code for use with in-house CNC machines. They manufacture custom parts for Mills and Lathes and this program allows the Engineers to draw their parts and save them in DXF format, then use the G-code converter to change them to g-code programs and save it to disk. Then the newly created g-code file can be used to machine the part on any workstations.

MillMaster Pro for Windows is a G-CODE interpreter and simulator for routing and milling machines. It accepts industry standard G & M codes and has canned cycles including drilling, boring and deep profiling. Other features include full color animated graphics which simulate all tool movements and cutting operations, full screen text editor, external speed control for wire EDM, easy tool positioning directly from keyboard, auto ramping on high feed moves, metric and inch programming, true circular interpolation on any two axes, and simultaneous linear interpolation on all three axes. Rotary table and S-code spindle speed control. Ability to import Industry Standard .DXF files and automatically convert them to G-code. The program also allows the user to customize the tool and icon graphics to fit your needs. Download the Demo version of MillMaster Pro for Windows from MicroKinetics Web Site.

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