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DXFReader ActiveX Control

DXFReader ActiveX Control
Single Developer License: € 199.00

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DXFReader is an ActiveX component that allows viewing, manipulating and plotting direct from the AutoCAD drawing file format DXF, also known as the drawing exchange format.

DXF is an acronym for Drawing eXchange Format. DXF is an ASCII replication of the contents of a drawing file enabling the interchange of files from one CAD system to another program. DXF import/export is supported by a wide variety of applications, ranging from CAD products to word processors, desktop publishing and illustration tools. The DXF CAD format has become the defacto standard in PC based CAD industry with many other CAD systems able to read and write this format too.

With DXFReader you can also retrieve every drawing information and every entity and easily perform data manipulation and/or analysis directly within your development environment.

IXF ActiveX Control

IXF ActiveX Control
Single Developer License: € 359.00

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IXF ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that allows to import and export legacy IBM S/390 DB2 tables to/from modern relational database.

With this control your OCX enabled development environment (Visual Basic, Access, C++, , etc.) can read directly the data coming from mainframes without writing any host-side or special interface programs. It can be used to convert a DB2 database to a new database directly within your application.

Postel ActiveX Control

Postel ActiveX Control
Single Developer License: € 449.00

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Postel ActiveX Control is the first ActiveX component that allows to generate Postel (Italian Service of Electronic Mail) batch files directly within your application.

Il primo componente ActiveX che consente di inserire nelle proprie applicazioni la possibilità di generare automaticamente i file lotti di tipo Postel a partire da qualsiasi file di testo e prelevando gli indirizzi e gli elementi variabili da qualsiasi database aderente alle specifiche ODBC come MS Access, Oracle™,InterBase™ o SQL-Server™.

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