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Welcome to our registered users area. If you are a registered customer you are entitled to download free code samples and programs from our server.


  1. Felix32 Light Source Code
    A freeware program to convert DXF files into BMP.

  2. Convert Polylines to Lines
    A code sample to convert the polylines of a drawing into simple lines.

  3. Entity Tree
    Display every entity and every information of a drawing.

  4. SuperQuadric Generator
    Superquadrics are well known and often used 3D surface objects in computer graphics. They are used for modelling parts of scenes that are then rendered using photorealistic image synthesis algorithms (e.g., ray tracing).

  5. DXFReader Class
    A Visual Basic Class Module that contains the following methods:

    Add3DFace Adds a 3DFace to the drawing.
    AddArc Adds an arc to the drawing.
    AddCircle Adds a circle to the drawing.
    AddEllipse Adds an ellipse to the drawing.
    AddImage Adds a bitmap image to the drawing.
    AddLine Add a line to the drawing.
    AddLWPolyLine Adds a lwpolyline to the drawing.
    AddPoint Adds a point to the drawing.
    AddPolyLine Adds a polyline to the drawing.
    AddRay Adds a ray to the drawing.
    AddRectangle Adds a rectangle to the drawing.
    AddSolid Adds a solid to the drawing.
    AddText Adds a text to the drawing.
    AddTrace Adds a trace to the drawing.
    AddVertex Adds a vertex to the polyline or the lwpolyline indicated by the PolyLineNumber parameter.
    AddXLine Adds a construction line to the drawing.
    CreateNewDrawing Creates a new empty drawing.
    ExplodeBlock Explodes a Block.
    GetLineAngle Retrieves the angle, in degrees, formed by the x axis and the line from x1,y1 to x2,y2.
    InsertBlock Inserts an already defined block in the drawing.
    SelectCurrentColor Selects interactively the drawing's current color using the default palette dialog.
    SetGrid Sets and displays the drawing's grid.

    And also all the source code of the program DXFReader Class Test (See figure below) that shows how to implement the class in a VB application.

  6. Print Report Pro
    A more complex sample that shows how to use DXFReader inside reporting tools like VSVIEW 7.0 by ComponentOne. Please download and install the evaluation version of VSVIEW 7.0 before using this sample.
    View the resulting report in pdf format (33 KB).

  7. Convert Unix
    A simple utility that converts DXF files written in Unix format in DOS/WIN format readable by DXFReader ActiveX Control.

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