Adding a DXFReader.NET Component to the ToolBox

To add a DXFReader.NET Component to the Visual Studio ToolBox, display the ToolBox and select the Components tab. Right click on the Components pane and select Choose Items from the pop-up menu displayed.

A dialog box is displayed listing the currently installed components. Ensure that the .NET Framework Components page is displayed.

Push the Browse button and navigate to the location where you have installed or copied your DXFReader.NET component and select DXFReaderNET.dll.
Then push the Open button.

The list of installed components is now displayed, including your DXFReader.NET component (named DXFReaderNETControl). Ensure that the checkbox alongside the component name is checked. Now push the OK button.

The component appears as an icon on the ToolBox Components pane. Now you can put it on your forms as usual.

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