Born to meet the demands of engineering software, positions itself as a leading provider of specific and versatile software solutions for various engineering fields. The company specializes in creating integrated software applications for thermal technology, keeping up with the latest ECC technical standards. In addition, acts as a consulting reference for domestic legislation related to planning and energy-saving rules, offering professional training and modernization courses. Established in 1993, Kadmos was originally conceived as a project for publishing materials related to energy-saving. The company is a privately owned enterprise, with 100% ownership by the founders. works closely with other companies and trade partners in both South and North Italy and Abroad to meet the latest end-user requirements in engineering software, internet, and IT consulting. The company operates in both domestic and international markets, distributing its software directly and online through its e-commerce sites.

Kadmos has collaborated with ENEA "Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and the Environment" developing the software : "ECOLUX - Energetic and Economic Appraisal of Lighting Systems"

Why the name Kadmos?

It is derived from the transcription of an ancestral god of Greek mythology or the ancient god of light in the old Greek language. Though there are limited references to this god, we discovered him in our old lyceum books, and we chose this name because our first program was Lumenis, an Italian language software that calculates indoor and outdoor lighting systems. The program contained a set of routines for reading and writing DXF files, the starting points for DXFReader...