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DXFReaderNET.Objects Namespace

Returns a reference to a collection of "Object" objects. Each object corresponds to an entry of the Objects section (OBJECTS) of the DXF file.
Public classAcdsRecord
AcDs record section.
Public classAcdsSchema
AcDs schema section.
Public classAcdsSchemaSubRecord
AcDs schema subrecord section.
Public classAcdsSubRecord
AcDs sub record section.
Public classClass
Represents a class definition.
Public classDictionaryObject
Represents a dictionary object definition.
Public classGroup
Represents a group of entities.
Public classImageDefinition
Represents an image definition.
Public classLayout
Represents a layout.
Public classMLineStyle
Represents as MLine style.
Public classMLineStyleElement
Represent each of the elements that make up a MLineStyle.
Public classPlotSettings
Represents the plot settings of a layout.
Public classRasterVariables
Represents the variables applied to bitmaps.
Public classUnderlayDefinition
Represents an underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayDgnDefinition
Represents a dgn underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayDwfDefinition
Represents a dwf underlay definition.
Public classUnderlayPdfDefinition
Represents a pdf underlay definition.
Public enumerationDictionaryCloningFlags
Duplicate record cloning flag (determines how to merge duplicate entries).
Public enumerationImageDisplayQuality
Image display quality (screen only).
Public enumerationMLineStyleFlags
Flags (bit-coded).
Public enumerationPlotFlags
Defines the plot settings flag.
Public enumerationPlotPaperUnits
Plot paper units.
Public enumerationPlotRotation
Plot rotation
Public enumerationSupportedImageFormats
Supported image formats.
Public enumerationUnderlayType
Defines the different underlay documents available.