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Underlay Class

Represents an underlay entity.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  DXFReaderNET.Entities
Assembly:  DXFReaderNET (in DXFReaderNET.dll) Version: 20.8.4
public class Underlay : EntityObject

The Underlay type exposes the following members.

Public methodUnderlay
Initializes a new instance of the Underlay class.
Public propertyClippingBoundary
Gets or sets the underlay clipping boundary.
Public propertyCodeName
Gets the dxf entity type string.
(Inherited from DxfObject.)
Public propertyColor
Gets or sets the entity color.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyContrast
Gets or sets the underlay contrast.
Public propertyDefinition
Gets the underlay definition.
Public propertyDisplayOptions
Gets or sets the underlay display options.
Public propertyFade
Gets or sets the underlay fade.
Public propertyHandle
Gets the handle assigned to the dxf object.
(Inherited from DxfObject.)
Public propertyIsVisible
Gets or set the entity visibility.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyLayer
Gets or sets the entity layer.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyLinetype
Gets or sets the entity line type.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyLinetypeScale
Gets or sets the entity line type scale.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyLineweight
Gets or sets the entity line weight, one unit is always 1/100 mm (default = ByLayer). Valid value are: 0, 5, 9, 13, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 53, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 106, 120, 140, 158, 200, and 211.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyNormal
Gets or sets the entity normal.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyOwner
Gets the owner of the actual dxf object.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyPosition
Gets or sets the underlay position in world coordinates.
Public propertyReactors
Gets or sets the list of dxf objects that has been attached to this entity.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyRotation
Gets or sets the underlay rotation around its normal.
Public propertyScale
Gets or sets the underlay scale.
Public propertyTransparency
Gets or sets layer transparency (default: ByLayer).
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyType
Gets the entity type.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public propertyXData
Gets or sets the entity extended data.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
Public methodClone
Creates a new Underlay that is a copy of the current instance.
(Overrides EntityObjectClone.)
Public methodToString
Converts the value of this instance to its equivalent string representation.
(Inherited from EntityObject.)
See AddPDFUnderlay method to add a PDF image to the current drawing.
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