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DrawingUnits Enumeration

Default drawing units for AutoCAD DesignCenter blocks.

Namespace:  DXFReaderNET
Assembly:  DXFReaderNET (in DXFReaderNET.dll) Version: 20.8.8202
public enum DrawingUnits
  Member nameValueDescription
Unitless0 Unitless.
Inches1 Inches.
Feet2 Feet.
Miles3 Miles.
Millimeters4 Millimeters.
Centimeters5 Centimeters.
Meters6 Meters.
Kilometers7 Kilometers.
Microinches8 Microinches.
Mils9 Mils (a thousandth of an inch).
Yards10 Yards.
Angstroms11 Angstroms.
Nanometers12 Nanometers.
Microns13 Microns.
Decimeters14 Decimeters.
Decameters15 Decameters
Hectometers16 Hectometers.
Gigameters17 Gigameters.
AstronomicalUnits18 AstronomicalUnits.
LightYears19 LightYears.
Parsecs20 Parsecs.
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