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DXFReaderNET Namespace

The DXFReaderNET is a root namespace for all classes of DXFReaderNET library.
Public classAciColor
Represents an ACI color (AutoCAD Color Index) that also supports true color.
Public classClippingBoundary
Represent a clipping boundary to display specific portions of an Image, an Underlay, or a Wipeout.
Public classDrawingStatusEventArgs
Event args used in DrawingStatus event.
Public classCode exampleDxfDocument
Represents a document to read and write dxf files.
Public classDxfObject
Represents the base class for all dxf objects.
Public classDXFReaderNETControl
The main component that allows viewing, manipulating and plotting any 2D/3D DXF file. With this control you can also retrieve every drawing information and every entity and easily perform data manipulation and/or analysis. With DXFReader you can also import and scale a raster image to use together with the drawing.
Public classEndDrawingEventArgs
Event args used in EndDrawing event.
Public classEndPlotEventArgs
Event args used in EndPlot event.
Public classEndReadEventArgs
Event args used in EndRead event.
Public classEndWriteEventArgs
Event args used in EndRead event.
Public classErrorEventArgs
Event args used in Error event.
Public classMathHelper
Utility math functions and constants.
Public classPlotStatusEventArgs
Event args used in PlotStatus event.
Public classReadStatusEventArgs
Event args used in ReadStatus event.
Public classStartDrawingEventArgs
Event args used in StartDrawing event.
Public classStartPlotEventArgs
Event args used in StartPlot event.
Public classStartReadEventArgs
Event args used in StartRead event.
Public classStartWriteEventArgs
Event args used in StartWrite event.
Public classThumbnailImage
The THUMBNAILIMAGE section of a DXF file exists only if a preview image has been saved with the DXF file.
Public classTransparency
Represents the transparency of a layer or an entity.
Public classWriteStatusEventArgs
Event args used in WriteStatus event.
Public classXData
Represents the extended data information of an entity.
Public classXDataRecord
Represents an entry in the extended data of an entity.
Public structureMatrix
Represents a 3x3 double precision matrix.
Public structureVector2
Represent a two component vector of double precision.
Public structureVector3
Represent a three component vector of double precision.
Public enumerationAngleDirection
Specifies the direction of an angle.
Public enumerationAngleUnitType
Angular units format for creating objects.
Public enumerationClippingBoundaryType
Image clipping boundary type.
Public enumerationCoordinateSystem
Defines the coordinate system reference.
Public enumerationCustomCursorType
Defines the custom cursor modes.
Public enumerationDrawElementsType
Defines the drawing elements type that could be added without modifying the drawing database.
Public enumerationDrawingUnits
Default drawing units for AutoCAD DesignCenter blocks.
Public enumerationFractionFormatType
Defines the fraction format when DIMLUNIT is set to 4 (Architectural) or 5 (Fractional).
Public enumerationGridDisplayType
Defines the grid display modes.
Public enumerationImageResolutionUnits
Defines the image resolution units.
Public enumerationImageUnits
AutoCAD units for inserting images.
Public enumerationLinearUnitType
Linear units format for creating objects.
Public enumerationLineweight
Represents the line weight of a layer or an entity.
Public enumerationMouseWheelBehaviorType
Defines the MouseWheelBehavior type.
Public enumerationObjectOsnapTypeFlags
Defines the object osnap type.
Public enumerationPaperSize
Defines the various paper size.
Public enumerationPlotModeType
Defines the current plotting mode.
Public enumerationPlotOrientationType
Defines the rotation type.
Public enumerationPlotRenderingType
Defines the rendering modes on color/black & white printers.
Public enumerationPlotUnitsType
Defines the current plotting mode.
Public enumerationPredefinedViewType
Defines the display predefined view modes.
Public enumerationRenderingType
Defines the display rendering modes.
Public enumerationRubberBandType
Defines the rubber band line type.
Public enumerationXDataCode
Defines the extended data code.