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DXFReaderNET.Tables Namespace

Returns a reference to a collection of "Tables" objects. Each object corresponds to an entry of the Tables section (TABLES) of the DXF file.
Public classApplicationRegistry
Represents a registered application name to which the extended data is associated.
Public classDimensionStyle
Represents a dimension style.
Public classDimensionStyleOverride
Represents a dimension style value that overrides a property of the style associated with a dimension.
Public classDimensionStyleOverrideChangeEventArgs
Event data for changes or dimension styles.
Public classLayer
Represents a layer.
Public classLinetype
Represents a line type.
Public classTableObject
Defines classes that can be accessed by name. They are usually part of the dxf table section but can also be part of the objects section.
Public classTableObjectChangedEventArgsT
Event data for changes or substitutions of table objects in entities or other tables.
Public classTextStyle
Represents a text style.
Public classUCS
Represents a User Coordinate System.
Public classView
Represents a document view.
Public classVPort
Represents a document viewport.
Public enumerationDimensionStyleOverrideType
Dimension style override types.
Public enumerationViewModeFlags
Render mode: 0 = Turned off 1 = Perspective view active 2 = Front clipping o 3 = Back clipping on 8 = UCS Follow mode on 16 = Front clip not at eye
Public enumerationViewRenderModeFlags
Render mode: 0 = 2D Optimized(classic 2D) 1 = Wireframe 2 = Hidden line 3 = Flat shaded 4 = Gouraud shaded 5 = Flat shaded with wireframe 6 = Gouraud shaded with wireframe