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ViewRenderModeFlags Enumeration

Render mode: 0 = 2D Optimized(classic 2D) 1 = Wireframe 2 = Hidden line 3 = Flat shaded 4 = Gouraud shaded 5 = Flat shaded with wireframe 6 = Gouraud shaded with wireframe

Namespace:  DXFReaderNET.Tables
Assembly:  DXFReaderNET (in DXFReaderNET.dll) Version: 20.8.4
public enum ViewRenderModeFlags
  Member nameValueDescription
Optimized2D0 2D Optimized(classic 2D)
WireFrame1 Wireframe
HiddenLine2 Hidden line
FlatShaded3 Flat shaded
GouraudShaded4 Gouraud shaded
FlatShadedWireFrame5 Flat shaded with wireframe
GouraudShadeddWireFrame6 Gouraud shaded with wireframe
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