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DimensionStyleOverrideType Enumeration

Dimension style override types.

Namespace:  DXFReaderNET.Tables
Assembly:  DXFReaderNET (in DXFReaderNET.dll) Version: 20.8.4
public enum DimensionStyleOverrideType
  Member nameValueDescription
DimLineColor0 Assigns colors to dimension lines, arrowheads, and dimension leader lines.
DimLineLinetype1 Linetype of the dimension line.
DimLineLineweight2 Lineweight to dimension lines.
DimLineOff3 Suppresses display of the dimension line.
DimLineExtend4 Distance the dimension line extends beyond the extension line when oblique, architectural tick, integral, or no marks are drawn for arrowheads.
ExtLineColor5 Colors to extension lines, center marks, and centerlines.
ExtLine1Linetype6 Linetype of the first extension line.
ExtLine2Linetype7 Linetype of the second extension line.
ExtLineLineweight8 Lineweight to extension lines.
ExtLine1Off9 Suppresses display of the first extension line.
ExtLine2Off10 Suppresses display of the second extension line.
ExtLineOffset11 Specifies how far extension lines are offset from origin points.
ExtLineExtend12 Specifies how far to extend the extension line beyond the dimension line.
ArrowSize13 Size of dimension line and leader line arrowheads. Also controls the size of hook lines.
CenterMarkSize14 Drawing of circle or arc center marks and centerlines.
LeaderArrow15 Arrowhead block for leaders.
DimArrow116 Arrowhead block for the first end of the dimension line.
DimArrow217 Arrowhead block for the second end of the dimension line.
TextStyle18 Text style of the dimension.
TextColor19 Color of dimension text.
TextHeight20 Height of dimension text, unless the current text style has a fixed height.
TextOffset21 Distance around the dimension text when the dimension line breaks to accommodate dimension text.
DimScaleOverall22 Overall scale factor applied to dimensioning variables that specify sizes, distances, or offsets.
AngularPrecision23 Number of precision places displayed in angular dimensions.
LengthPrecision24 Number of decimal places displayed for the primary units of a dimension.
DimPrefix25 Specifies the text prefix for the dimension.
DimSuffix26 Specifies the text suffix for the dimension.
DecimalSeparator27 Single-character decimal separator to use when creating dimensions whose unit format is decimal.
DimScaleLinear28 Scale factor for linear dimension measurements
DimLengthUnits29 Units for all dimension types except angular.
DimAngularUnits30 Units format for angular dimensions.
FractionalType31 Fraction format when DIMLUNIT is set to Architectural or Fractional.
SuppressLinearLeadingZeros32 Suppresses leading zeros in linear decimal dimensions (for example, 0.5000 becomes .5000).
SuppressLinearTrailingZeros33 Suppresses trailing zeros in linear decimal dimensions (for example, 12.5000 becomes 12.5).
SuppressAngularLeadingZeros34 Suppresses leading zeros in angular decimal dimensions (for example, 0.5000 becomes .5000).
SuppressAngularTrailingZeros35 Suppresses trailing zeros in angular decimal dimensions (for example, 12.5000 becomes 12.5).
SuppressZeroFeet36 Suppresses zero feet in architectural dimensions.
SuppressZeroInches37 Suppresses zero inches in architectural dimensions.
DimRoundoff38 Value to round all dimensioning distances.
There is one dimension style override type for each property of the DimensionStyle class. The dimension style properties DIMBLK and DIMSAH are not available. The overrides always make use of the DIMBLK1 and DIMBLK2 setting the DIMSAH to true even when both arrow ends are the same.
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