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ViewModeFlags Enumeration

Render mode: 0 = Turned off 1 = Perspective view active 2 = Front clipping o 3 = Back clipping on 8 = UCS Follow mode on 16 = Front clip not at eye

Namespace:  DXFReaderNET.Tables
Assembly:  DXFReaderNET (in DXFReaderNET.dll) Version: 20.8.4
public enum ViewModeFlags
  Member nameValueDescription
Off0 Turned off.
Perspective1 Perspective view active.
FrontClippingPlane2 Front clipping on.
BackClippingPlane4 Back clipping on.
UCSFollow8 UCS Follow mode on.
FrontClipNotAtEye16 Front clip not at eye. If on, the front clip distance (FRONTZ) determines the front clipping plane. If off, FRONTZ is ignored, and the front clipping plane is set to pass through the camera point (vectors behind the camera are not displayed). This flag is ignored if the front-clipping bit (2) is off.
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